Saturday, June 27, 2015

Voice of God

I am an Animal
On two limbs, I stand,
I hunt for my meat,
from land to land,

Schooled in the ways of the world,
cultured and nurtured with the moral good,
I was different they said,
They called me Human.
Life to be measured by my devotion,
To know never what it beats of
To never be driven by Passion.

Thus they are, thus they will be
O Captain!, my Captain!
The truth shall they never see!

I am an Animal
On two limbs, I stand,
I hunt my own kind
in His name they call divine,

His eyes they say, on them shall always be
yet, slay their brothers, who heed to thee
Bow we must to the ultimate one,
Know not of him,
yet each believe to be a different one.

O Captain, my captain
Shall the truth not be known,
You beat in them as one
You beat in each one as their own.

O Captain my captain,
You yet, beat within me,
Your voice is all I hear,
As I walk this jungle, sans fear,
Guided by your sinewy hand,
I call me an Animal
On two limbs, I stand.

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