Saturday, June 27, 2015

Voice of God

I am an Animal
On two limbs, I stand,
I hunt for my meat,
from land to land,

Schooled in the ways of the world,
cultured and nurtured with the moral good,
I was different they said,
They called me Human.
Life to be measured by my devotion,
To know never what it beats of
To never be driven by Passion.

Thus they are, thus they will be
O Captain!, my Captain!
The truth shall they never see!

I am an Animal
On two limbs, I stand,
I hunt my own kind
in His name they call divine,

His eyes they say, on them shall always be
yet, slay their brothers, who heed to thee
Bow we must to the ultimate one,
Know not of him,
yet each believe to be a different one.

O Captain, my captain
Shall the truth not be known,
You beat in them as one
You beat in each one as their own.

O Captain my captain,
You yet, beat within me,
Your voice is all I hear,
As I walk this jungle, sans fear,
Guided by your sinewy hand,
I call me an Animal
On two limbs, I stand.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Arun .... This one is for you.. For the first of the many successes to come.. for you just being totally awesome!!!

Aaj ek chain ki saans leni hai
Aaj ek lambi aah bharni hai
Phisal rahee thi joh haathon se zindagi
aakar uski dor aaj phir se bandhi hai
Zindagi mujhe phir se jeeni hai

Kal tha jo haathon mein pyaala
uski mehek ab bhi saanson mein hai
Kal tha jo aankhon mein nasha
usee se toh in aankhon mein nami hai
Baadalon ki chaadar odhe
kahin so gayee thi zindagi
Un baadalon se phisal kar ek boond
ne aaj phir ummeed jagaayi hai
Aaj aankhon mein ek nayee nami hai
Zindagi mujhe phir se jeeni hai

Kal ek nayi subah hogi
Kal yeh dor shaayad kisi aur ke haath mein hogi
Jab Jab kheecha isko apni ore
tab tab yeh dor tooti hai
Aaj is dor ke ehsaas ko phir se mehsoos karna hai
Aaj ek chain ki saans leni hai
Zindagi mujhe phirse jeeni hai

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A small dedication to my friends

Alvida nahi yeh alpviraam hai
tumhari hi banaai yeh meri pehchaan hai
Adhoore kuch sapnon ke peeche
badalte kuch rishton se aage
Iss pyaar aur bharose ko nibhaane
apne liye kuch karne aaj kadam badhaana hai
Yaad nahi hum tumhe apne saath rakhenge
Bhool na sako itna hum tumhe call karenge
Aagya chahta hun ki aaj hum jayein
karne jo chale woh kar dikhaye
hue jo kaamyaab tab phir se milna hai
na hue toh laut ke buddhu ko
GHAR hi aana hai
Alvida nahi yeh alpviraam hai!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Poem for Bro!!

To my kid bro.. The puppy face 'desi' Jason Bourne.. Here's my original for you!!

A smile on my face
and a twinkle in the eye
a thought that slipped a lip
but yeah! it hit bull's eye

An empty can here
and many more there
My bottom's up for today...
the smile is back on the face
am happy as I am,  but surely not gay!!
Tomorrow is as new as its far
Yesterday too was...... errr what??!

I find it hard to be truly sad
wonder if its what I smoked, or
what I just had.
Think it's all in a day's work
it either works out or it doesnt
A good night's sleep is all I care
or Bro!!.. Ill be damned!!

A smile on my face
and a twinkle in the eye
The thought on my lips
now got a better hold,
it may not hit the bull's eye
back off though..
you might just get trolled!!!

Monday, October 15, 2012

A Thank You Note

Scribbled, torn and Crumpled,
A thank you note,
that I had so badly jumbled.

A Night went by
and a day passed by,
Here I am staring at the twilight sky.

Like a falling star from a distant sky,
The twinkle that a galaxy lost in its eye,
The poet in me, felt like a cake,
that a lazy ass baker forgot to bake.

Put the pen down back in the stand,
washed the ink, off of my hand,
XBOX, foosball, some curry and some bun,
A night, that beckoned,
with promise of fun

The mood was upbeat,
victory and losses were part of the treat,
Friendly banter,
followed by chatter and clatter

A man in black,
knocked on my unheavenly door,
Said: "Cut the crap!!Let me sleep and snore"

Its almost dawn
my eyes lack sleep and I look forlorn.
As I retire to sleep,
I hear my mobile beep:

".. uploaded a photo of you"
Smile crossed my face
and I mumble a simple "Thank You!!"

Friday, October 12, 2012


There was a notion in my head,
That one could be a Poet,
When something exciting within, is now dead.

Words, I thought only rhymed,
When, all other actions are mistimed.

Exciting today as it is,
So full of life and laughter,
I wonder, if the poet within me,
would wake up from his slumber.

Where there is a will, I was told there is a way,
A pen stand it was, that brought cheer,
to my otherwise boring day.

Stopped all my work,
Picked the pen up, from its stand,
My actions, timed or mistimed,

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Life and the re-curring mistakes!!

As the pain within amplifies
a voice in me seeks new life

A fire it was, a lifetime of pain,
A Phoenix there was that was consumed within,
The smoke went up and a past erased.

As ashes remain, through Grit and Might!!
A Phoenix rises, defying fortune's spite!!
A fire it was, that was revived!!

As the pain within (again) amplifies
a voice in me seeks new life