Monday, October 15, 2012

A Thank You Note

Scribbled, torn and Crumpled,
A thank you note,
that I had so badly jumbled.

A Night went by
and a day passed by,
Here I am staring at the twilight sky.

Like a falling star from a distant sky,
The twinkle that a galaxy lost in its eye,
The poet in me, felt like a cake,
that a lazy ass baker forgot to bake.

Put the pen down back in the stand,
washed the ink, off of my hand,
XBOX, foosball, some curry and some bun,
A night, that beckoned,
with promise of fun

The mood was upbeat,
victory and losses were part of the treat,
Friendly banter,
followed by chatter and clatter

A man in black,
knocked on my unheavenly door,
Said: "Cut the crap!!Let me sleep and snore"

Its almost dawn
my eyes lack sleep and I look forlorn.
As I retire to sleep,
I hear my mobile beep:

".. uploaded a photo of you"
Smile crossed my face
and I mumble a simple "Thank You!!"

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